Directions from Larnaca Airport to Citrus Gardens, Kyrenia

Maps don’t always show you the easiest route to drive, so here is our guide to the easiest route from Larnaca airport to Kyrenia. This route avoids the busy border crossing in the heart of Nicosia. We also suggest you reset your mileage counter at the airport, so you can follow our directions more easily!

Checkpoints at the South-North Cyprus border

Checkpoints are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will need to buy extra insurance for your hire car, costing around GBP20 for a period up to one month. You must also have your driving licence with you, or you will not be allowed into North Cyprus! Present your passport and visa application (the white slips provided) and car insurance papers, and get your papers stamped. The whole process is very simple and the border guards are very friendly and helpful.

Returning to Larnaca Airport from North Cyprus